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     The trees carpet the earth with leaves. Trees are our best friends. From their smallest leaf to the tiniest hairline of a root, they have something to do help mankind.

     Some trees rise ane hundred feet to the air and sent roots ane hundred feet into the ground. They are living fountains serving men, birds, and animals as protection shelters, factories fo enriching materials, and finally the only anchor in the world that can be trusted not to drag.

     Various parts of some trees are medicinal. The beauty they furnish sends waves of delight to the human hearts - our sadness is soothed, our anger pacified, and our joy enhanced when we gaze at the sight of green and flowering trees. They offer camfort and give warmth to our hearts.

     A tree cools the air by a kind of breathing. A group of trees can be likened to a great fan - a fan which gently and persistently wafts cool and fresh air over the countryside.

     They also give us shade and shelter from the burning sun and the biting rains. Birda and some animals build their homes in the trunks, while men build their homes from the lumber they provide them.

     Some trees give us delicious and mellow fruits which satisfy our hunger. These fruits adorn our dining tables at all times of the day and meet our desire and need for foods that supply various kinds of minerals. These keep our bodies healthy and strong. Trees suplly them to us for they are truly our friends.

     Our forest trees have likewise offered is with protection from floods erosions and otherdestructive land deformations. The trees and shurbs that grow between them furnish homes and protection to birds and animals. Some animals build snug homes in the trunks of trees. The trunks and branches give us lumber to buils our homes to protect us from raon and sun . But the greatest benefit the trees give us is the prevention of floods and erosions of soil. Their big roots hold the soil together to ptrvent the washing off of the topical from heavy rains and hot dry winds.

     Trees are really more than friends to us. They even serve us in many ways. Therefore, we should learn to love them. We need them to adorn aour gardens, plazas, streets, and highways. Have you not noticed the great change of a place when beautiful trees are planted in it? We need trees for ther edible fruits, flowers or leaves, or as cure for our sickness.